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Cultivation of "oyster":


1. Preparation of the mushroom block (beds).

Substrate Preparation.

2. inoculation. (Sowing mycelium into an organic substrate).

3. Sprouting.

(Maturing mushroom unit).

4. Fruiting and care of fruit bodies.



5. The harvest of fresh mushrooms.


6. Acceptance of fresh "Oyster"

Typical errors and their consequences, and ways to eliminate

Oyster in the garden or garden

Recipes oyster

The list of addresses mycelium

Volume: 24 p. + 18 p. (Cooking recipes)

Mushroom cultivation.



Botanical description

Spore> Mycelium> Fruit body> Dispute.

Planting material mushrooms.

Production of compost mycelium.

Production of grain spawn

Compost for cultivation of mushrooms.

Technology of preparation of compost:

To make compost, you can use the following components:

1. Straw.

2. Chicken manure.

3. Gypsum

4. Recycled water.

The first phase of composting

The first phase of the composting process can be divided into the following stages:

1. Preparation of Formula compost.

2. Preparation of recycled water.

3. Preparation of straw and its moisture circulating water during the laying of the compost.

4. Adding manure and mixing with wet straw.

5. Formation of the cone (heap).

6. perebivki compost.

7. Adding gypsum.

9. Watering compost in one phase.

The second phase of composting

Tunnels of pasteurization.

Sowing and germination mycelium in compost and cover mix.

Coating mix for growing mushrooms.

Care during fruiting mushrooms

Requirements mushroom to the conditions of supply and the environment.

1. Growing mushrooms on ridges

2. Cultivation in bags

3. Growing in blocks

4. Growing in containers.

5. Growing shelves

The measures and means to combat pests and diseases of mushrooms.

Volume: 22 p.

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