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Environmental Law

published in 2008

Artem Sazykin

Informative answers to all questions of the course "Environmental Law" in accordance with state educational standards.
Table of contents

1. The concept of environmental law, the history of its development and formation

2. Subject and methods of legal regulation of environmental law

3. The system and principles of environmental law

4. The rules of environmental law and environmental legal

5. The specific features of environmental law

6. Sources of environmental law

7. The concept of environmental relationship, the base of its origin and termination

8. Subjects and objects of environmental relations

9. The concept of ownership of natural resources, its types

10. The concept of law of nature, his views and principles

11. Legal forms of use of natural resources

12. Legal protection of natural objects

13. Organizational mechanism of environmental protection

14. Inventories of natural objects and natural resources

15. Environmental Monitoring

16. Standards in the field of environmental protection

17. Environmental impact assessment: the concept and types

18. Licensing concept and types

19. Economic and legal mechanism for protection of the environment

20. Legal liability in the field of environmental protection

21. Land as an object of legal protection

22. The right to water and its species

23. Objects and subjects of water relations

24. Water easements

25. Areas of government in the use and protection of water bodies

26. Legal measures of water protection

27. Atmospheric air as the object of legal regulation

28. Legal liability for violations of the law on air protection

29. Objects and subjects of mineral rights

30. The right to use subsoil and its species

31. The system of licensing of subsoil use

32. Management and control as a means of state regulation of subsoil use

33. The notion and protection of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation

34. Wood and fauna out of the woods as objects of legal protection

35. The right of forest use

36. Kinds of forest management

37. Donation and short-term use of forest areas. House-bote

38. Fundamentals of forestry and state control and protection of forests and fauna out of the woods

39. The animal world as the object of legal protection

40. The right to use of the animal world and its species

41. Licensing wildlife

42. The Red Book of the Russian Federation

43. Legal regime of especially protected natural territories

44. Responsibility for violation of the regime of protected areas. Environmental crime

45. State cadastre of specially protected natural areas

46. \u200b\u200bLegal regulation of the handling of hazardous and radioactive substances and wastes

47. The concepts and types of areas of concern

48. The legal regime of areas of concern

49. The international legal mechanism for the protection of the environment

50. Sources of international environmental law

51. International cooperation in the field of environmental protection

52. Principles of international cooperation in the field of environmental protection

53. Protection of flora and fauna in international treaties

54. The international legal ban on the military impact on the environment

55. International conference on the organization of the meeting and the Environment (HSE)

56. International environmental-liability
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