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The coloring of the characters stunning Russian cartoon "Masha and the Bear."

Of course it is not the hand-drawn cartoon familiar to several generations of Soviet people, and it is absolutely new, modern adventure story of the main characters! Characters are made based on the Russian folk tale familiar to every Russian child, but the nature of their relationship and the system greatly changed - not the Bear Masha fears, rather, he is afraid of complications in their regular life, who brings it.

Under the image of the small text like on the cartoon. You can decorate in a graphics editor Paint or print and deliver the children great pleasure from drawing pencils, markers, paint. Or paint your own!
Coloring presented in the form of a document in PDF (5 sheets with 2 colorings on the sheet). This global standard document transfer, 100% compatible with any operating system and open on any computer with Adobe or Foxit package (available on almost all computers!). It is important that in such a coloring correctly printed on standard A4 paper. In one PDF document contains 5 pages with characters colorings.
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++++++++++++++++++++ xD
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Вот это раскраскаааа! ЧУДО просто