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Program features:

- Calculating the moves in 4 different criteria



Shift stones

At the same time for all the third criterion (the button ALL)

- Sort of moves:

Best move (the optimal ratio of mana damage and healing)

Dosypom (the most profitable course of mana, damage and treatment with the possibility of dosypa top)




- Calculating the course of considering spells

Shield enemy - the damage will be considered depending on your opponent´s shield

My shield - treatment will be considered in zavimosti the level of your shield

Berserk - Damage will schatatsya considering rage

- An amount of a lightning strike with fury

- View of the field after the move.

- Avtomatichesskie moves (the program itself moves the stones and the like on click)

- Calculating the five stones in a row

There - during the course will be 5 in a row

Poss. - The probability that the 5 in a row will be given top dosypa

Enemy - Leave opponent 5 in a row after stroke

- Update program avtomatichesskie mode. All updates at the time of purchase - for free.

For all inquiries please contact the VC group


or website


Your RegID you can find at the desktop in a text file RegID.txt after the first run

Attention! Buying the program, you agree to the license agreement: http://nebesabot.ru/doc.html
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- Full name;

- E-mail (email);

- Registration data (a set of numbers that are shown when the program starts or file RegID, in a folder with the program after the first run);

- Link to FaceBook page (if any);

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
15.09.2018 19:00:22
Очень удобный бот!
10.09.2018 17:02:37
27.08.2018 15:18:09
Всё гуд!
03.08.2018 9:31:33
Всё супер!
14.07.2018 14:50:05
Оличная прога, именно для тех, кто не любит долго заморачиваться с просчётом манны урона лечки и т.д.
04.07.2018 7:22:57
Отличная прога.. Советую всем
29.06.2018 16:25:05
17.06.2018 17:33:46
очень хорошая программа , спасибо вам, удобно и быстро считывает любой ход
10.06.2018 22:33:22
Программа потрясающая) Беру не в первый раз) Очень нравится... Коплю деньги на VIP лицензию)
10.06.2018 19:45:26
отличный товар!!! Советую всем