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The book "The 128 priceless tips for survival" - more than the usual recipe book for all occasions. "Green Berets", an expert on survival in the environment and the author of several books, Joey Green will tell you everything you need to know about how to behave in different situations and, most importantly, how to overcome deadly difficulties using only those that is at hand. The book is full of the most valuable tips on how to survive in the wild, and in all kinds of disasters, including nuclear explosion, tsunami, floods, tornadoes, as well as of the revolution, etc. unpleasant phenomenon. How can I make a weapon of improvised? How to defend an ordinary ballpoint pen? How to make a sling out of a bar of soap? Open the door by credit card? Start a fire without a lighter? Make a knife out of a toothbrush for self-defense? Smoke grenades based on sugar? Do you have more questions? He will answer - everything.
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