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About the game:
Sleeping Dogs - a harsh and intense police drama with open world, which takes place in Hong Kong. This entertaining game designed in the tradition of Hong Kong militants.

Sleeping Dogs offers players assume the role of Wei Shen, a police undercover, tasked to destroy the inside of the Hong Kong Triad. While the players are discovering the streets, lit fire neon signs and bustling shopping arcade in front of them will reveal the story of loyalty and betrayal.

Sleeping Dogs has one of the most intuitive and spectacular combat systems. With it, the players happen to resort to a variety of martial arts techniques that will challenge to multiple enemies. The course will kostolomnye kicks, various combinations of techniques, brutal counter and cinematic finishing with came to hand items from circular saws to phone booths and refrigerator doors.

Plunging into the underworld deeper than he could imagine, Wei begins to question his own motives. However, in Sleeping Dogs You will not only prompt action but also relaxation in the best gaming clubs and eateries of the city.

Features Sleeping Dogs:
• Unique melee set of mixed martial arts masters.
• More than 80 different vehicles, including racing cars, motorcycles, boats, buses, trucks, SUVs and others.
• Open World, free movement. The player is free to act as it sees fit, moving through the busy streets of Hong Kong. Between the fulfillment of plot jobs no one forbids him to entertain themselves involving, for example, in racing or gambling.
• Constant voltage. Danger lurks everywhere in Hong Kong. Fights or skirmishes may start in unexpected places at the most inconvenient time.

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После некоторого ожидания игра пришла без каких-либо проблем. Спасибо!
04.05.2017 14:18:22
Всё пришло! Продавца советую!
08.04.2017 12:54:41
Купил второй раз, первый раз перепутал купил не ту игру (ну да бог) не мог ждать, купил уже ту что искал изначально)).

Всё как всегда быстро пришло. ..ставиться...
28.03.2017 3:14:48
Всё ок!
27.03.2017 19:29:32
Всё прекрасно!
08.03.2017 20:52:48
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Подарок получен сразу, активировался. Всё нормально.
02.06.2016 20:57:59
Оплата прошла быстро, товар доставлен моментально, цены радуют глаз. Очевидно, что "+" в репутацию продавца.
12.05.2016 20:18:03
спасибо)все пришло быстро)
12.05.2016 17:51:53

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