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Immediately after payment you will receive an activation key, the official CD standard edition of the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
Before each mission you can choose two weapons (no matter what), components (sights, silencers, handle and other improvements), explosives and perks (tools, fast switching weapons, and so on. D.). As the game before the player in certain places the choice is - is to some extent affect the course of the game in the future. If you take the perk "Tools," then in each mission will be available bonuses such as the sapper vest, traps, and additional weapons. Each mission involves 10 tests - for the passage of a certain number of them given additional weapons, improve or perks. Also there is a small non-linearity.
Innovation is the mission of the strike group - management and interaction directly between several soldiers and units. At the same time, the AI has a sufficient degree of freedom, without orders to destroy the enemy in sight. Player Case - give specific instructions (to storm the building, eliminate the opponent to defend the country). On the battlefield, regularly planted reinforcements, they make up for combat losses.
Note: *** This is not Steam Origin game and not ***, it is activated in the usual way when you install the official game client, the key of the licensed version of the game.
========================================== To activate the key, you need to have a license disk and the original distribution of the game or download any torrent tracker license the image. Next, install the game to him, and when prompted enter the code purchased from us the key.
20.08.2018 20:15:22
it doesnt work but ik u are gonna give me another
13.02.2018 21:23:32
Классный товар
30.09.2017 0:44:17
05.07.2017 10:51:13
20.04.2017 18:05:55
Советую не покупать
05.01.2017 7:42:23

08.12.2016 22:22:49
Всё хорошо, но ключ не рабочий
14.07.2016 17:12:01
14.05.2016 9:37:46
Ключ работает и все хорошо
29.01.2016 21:19:47
качество ужас...

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