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In the video are invited to explore effective techniques adapted Combat Sambo.
The proposed methods have been tested repeatedly in different situations and have proved effective.

Section 1. Throws
A head with his legs, focusing in the stomach
With the rear footrest
On the front footrest
A head without a stop in the stomach with legs
Over his shoulder under one arm
With striking technique
In the melee + pain
Section 2. Self-defense
The block counter with a throw back footrest
The block counter roll from the front footrest
The block counter roll under one arm
From kicking with the cast
With the use of painful methods, if the enemy comes up behind
From Firearms
From stick or sword
Section 3. Tactics
Tactical lesson with an effective footwork throws +
Tactical options for melee and ranged from the arms and legs without shots
Effective illegal strikes
Section 4. Effective methods in the stalls
Strangles and goings from the retention on the ground with a painful hold
Deductions and coups in the stalls
Strength training
Special physical training (part 1)
Special physical training (part 2)
Development of the internal state and the reaction velocity
Tips from the champion in combat sambo world Samsonov VM
How to cause fear among the enemy
Title: System Adapted Combat Sambo (Subsea)
Author: Vyacheslav Egorov
Publisher: Association "Russian style"
Format: DVDRip
Size: 856 mb.
Quality: Very good
Russian language
Category: Arts
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