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Catching up on martial arts, we have anyway, but always faced with the question - is good technique and how it can be improved?

The answer to this question seems to be implicitly known to all - download the form, Improve body and everything will be OK! And how to do it quickly and poeffektivnee?

For these, and perhaps many more questions, "How?" can answer this book, which aims to - as quickly and most effectively prepare the body to high loads.

However, even if the arts - not your thing, get the body of your dreams is also possible. And, importantly, the whole set of exercises performed without special equipment (arrange a home gym?). Perhaps, there is a muscle that can not be strengthened by these exercises. Legs, arms, neck, back, abdomen - all you need to know about self-strength training you will find in this book.
Title: 7 weeks to get in shape
Author: Brett Stewart
Pages: 180
Format: epub
Size: 5 mb.
Quality: Very good
Year: 2015
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