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(Under the new terms of service "Tricolor TV" from 03.02.2015, the access to additional package is possible only subject to the availability of paid subscriptions to the basic package of TV ONE SINGLE OR MULTI.)

Approved by parents!
The package of 16 channels, created specifically for children of all ages. The best cartoons and
favorite characters. The cognitive, developmental and educational television programs. Entertaining shows and old
good stories.
The service is available to all subscribers, equipment owners, receives a signal from all satellites and in all regions of the broadcast "Tricolor TV"
MPEG-4 format.
How do I activate payment card PIN-code:

Go card activation -
Enter the number of the subscriber contract or a 12-digit (or 14-digit) DREID, without any spaces
the secret code of the card.

Send SMS-message to number 1082: TK nomer_ (ID) _priёmnika sekretnyy_kod_karty.
************************************************** ************************************************** *
If you have any problems with the activation of the card, please contact us, in writing, please include the number of your receiver ID "Tricolor TV" and a description of the problem.
************************************************** ************************************************** *
The term activation of the card: on 31 December 2017.
************************************************** ************************************************** *
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04.09.2018 12:14:30
Good !!!
02.07.2017 21:03:01
23.06.2017 12:50:52
спасибо,всё ок!
22.06.2017 22:04:19
22.06.2017 21:55:45
22.06.2017 13:55:56
спасибо! всё оперативно ))
21.06.2017 22:16:51
20.06.2017 12:48:49
спасибо .всё ок
19.06.2017 18:47:13
19.06.2017 10:35:38
Всё супер.быстро и дешевле

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