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Ninjutsu - is so broad topic that it combats direction can talk endlessly. In this film you will see only a small segment of this art - a fight without weapons. Even a cursory view you will immediately notice that virtually all the techniques that the author of the film, Richard Van Donk (personal disciple of the patriarch Massaki Ninjutsu Hatsumi), bears little resemblance to the usual methods of us from different systems - or rather, similar, but vypolnyayutsya- they are completely different than we used to do them! Maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption - perhaps this is the main motive of martial arts ninja. And it becomes quite clear if we take into account the specifics of such collisions - they were supposed to end with lightning speed and in such matches not and could not be a place of competition factor. Practically, all the techniques are based on the methods of pain or shock and bumps with sufficient development will be a quite dangerous weapon due to its low predictability and surprises. Despite several recent podnadoevshy camouflage of "traditional" ninja film can be considered as very useful. Ninja, of course, be after it is impossible, but to increase the effectiveness of its technology - definitely yes!
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