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«One Multi Light" provides access to a package of "One" on two screens independently of each other (on the TV and mobile device - tablet or smartphone) subscribers using double tuner receiver for watching digital satellite TV. Also, the service provides access to a package of "One" on two TVs provided to connect additional equipment - Receiver client.
To view the channels connected additional packages on two screens service to subscribers "Multiroom" is available.
«One Multi Light" is available to subscribers of the participating shares "Sharing Light" and "Home Light" subscriber line which has been formed, and receiving equipment connected to the network "Tricolor TV" Tariff "One multistart Light 225 BC," "One MultiObmen Light 225 BC, "" One multistart Light 225 "," 225 Single MultiObmen Light. "

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Activation of payment cards via the Internet:

Go card activation -
Enter the number of the subscriber contract or a 12-digit (or 14-digit) ID.
Enter without spaces secret code of the card.

Activating a mobile phone:

To activate the card, send to the number 1082 SMS-message with the text:
The TK [space] ID number of your reception equipment * [space] the secret code of the card
Example of SMS message: TK 123456789101 98765432109876543210.
================================================== ===========================
If you have any problems with the activation of the card, please contact us, our managers will hold payment of the package, in a letter to specify the number of your receiver ID "Tricolor TV" and a description of the problem.
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