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About the game FIFA 18
FIFA is the acknowledged king of the genre of football simulators. Modest the Prince of Pro Evolution Soccer is losing the battle for the attention of players from year to year. Just last year, PES was able to pull the attention on themselves thanks to a spectacular graphics engine Fox Engine. Electronic Arts took up the challenge and now a new FIFA 17 on the fly´s proprietary engine, Frostbite, gave the world Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront and other gaming masterpieces. The game has changed significantly because of the involvement of such resources: the player models have become less of a puppet and work with light sometimes admire so much that you forget to skip the Intro of the match.
I changed the behavior of players. For greater realism in the Studio EA Canada with the help of technology Motion Capture were digitized movement of the giants of world football Eden hazard (responsible for defense), Marco Reus (driving dynamics), James Rodriguez (standard provisions), Anthony martial (shocks and transmission). The old engine Ignite in the past and now friends who have come to visit, are unlikely to distinguish the game from the broadcast of a football match.
⭐For the first time in the games of the series, a "History", asks the player to way to the top of the English Premier League, playing for the novice attacker ⭐Alex hunter. In this mode, in addition to directly play football, you have to make decisions on PR activity, which in the modern world plays a significant role for fees and career advancement. Your coach will always choose to field the player or not and that depends on its solution the development of the plot.

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17.07.2018 16:42:46
Спасибо, всё работает, хочу бонус!
12.07.2018 0:08:10
Отлично, все в лучшем виде
31.10.2017 2:05:20
Hello I would like a refund, thank you.
27.10.2017 22:53:39
27.10.17. Купил аккаунт, поменял емейл, пароль, секретный вопрос. Если вернут аккаунт, сразу сообщю сюда. А так пока все гуд.
24.10.2017 20:38:24
Все отлично
01.10.2017 15:09:54
Good seller.
25.09.2017 22:43:48
Спасибо. Всё очень круто. Куча доп игрушек отзывчивый продавец и крутая цена. Лучше не найдёшь!
17.09.2017 17:23:15
rly good :)
17.08.2017 15:20:15
Problems solved, works okay.

Update: The account was claimed back once again, seller doesn´t reply at all.

Update2: Seller replied after contacting the website and they gave me a replacement.

17.08.2017 12:13:18