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This manual is intended for those who want to quickly learn how to use a smartphone on the Android operating system. All material is accompanied by a detailed screenshots. We consider the technical aspects of the graphical user interface to install programs. After studying the material you will learn how to perform basic functions without any help and communicate with the phone on "you". It is based on Android 2.3 OS with the TouchWiz interface.
Format: PDF
Quality: initially computer (eBook)
Number of pages: 26

General Discussion on the graphical user interface
Sending SMS, MMS
Configure Internet
Using Wi-Fi
How to change the system language
How to change the language of the text input
How to set wallpaper on your desktop
How to set a call melody
Import \ Export contacts
How to transfer files via Bluetooth
How to save battery power
How to install \ uninstall the program or game
How to use Play Market´om
How to set up email
Viewing videos and music
Using the camera
How to Install Service
Reading eBooks
Listening to FM-radio
How to reset your phone
How to connect to a computer
Catalogue of recommended software
How do I sync contacts with Google
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