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After payment, you will receive the Amazon Gift Card´s digital certificate code for $ 15 (fifteen US dollars).

With it, you can pay for purchases in the store on the website

How to activate the code:
1. Visit
2. Enter the Claim code and click the Apply button to your account.
1. Click the Your Account tab on
2. Enter your registration information.
3. In the Payment menu that appears, select Apply a gift certificate / card to your account.
4. Now you can spend $ 10 on any purchases in the store. Just enter the received code into the form when placing an order and click Apply.
**************************************** is an international online store for goods of mass demand. On the site of the store you will find clothes and shoes, electronics and household appliances, books, CDs and DVDs, toys, cosmetics and jewelry, musical instruments, household items and much more. In addition, on you can buy e-books and music in the format mp-3.

If you are interested in another card balance, please contact me at the contacts above.
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Enjoying the product!
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Good Services!
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Excellent. Recommended!

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