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Online store with the automatic sale / delivery of digital keys for the activation of PC and other games Ready business!

The original name (chosen by a neaming company, a slogan, and a logo)

A unique design is drawn.

The product page is maximally thought out by the availability of necessary and sufficient information for the sale of goods (descriptions, ratings, images, etc.)

An automatic loyalty program with a cumulative discount for purchases and activity (comments, etc.) was developed and implemented.

The engine of the site is developed on the Yii framework completely according to the requirements and necessary functions.

In the administrative area, a warehouse of electronic keys is developed in text form and for images (full control of keys from the admin area) with automatic sending of orders after payment, pre-ordering and automatic orders of key stores that are not in stock.

Automatic sending of the key to the e-mail of the customer immediately after confirming the payment.

There is a page with the goods for wholesale.

The database of registered loyal customers (up to 100 e-mails) - received without the promotion of the site.

The CEO was audited and all the necessary optimization changes were implemented (audit report and edits are attached).

Connected and configured work with online payment systems through the Interkassa service.

Multilanguage is implemented in Russian and English, interface and page translations are made.

Pages in popular social networks.

The shop is working and is already fully ready to sell - you just need to update the range and prices, add keys, launch an advertising campaign.

Traffic is small, because the site was new and did not really start and did not go forward.

Sanctions of search engines No sanctions
Reason for sale: Lack of free time for launching and further implementation.
The Contact of the programmer is transmitted together with the site. Groups in social networks
If you have any interest in this product, please contact us via chat rooms or skype for further discussion.
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