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Even and rate analysis is a priority for every professional player, and for a novice player, accounting, statistics and stake analysis will help you learn how to correctly put and understand the strengths and weaknesses of bookmakers. According to the statistics of the bookmakers, 97% of the players remain at a loss and one of the important factors influencing the loss is the disorderly use of money resources. players often do not know where and how much he put. This table is designed to help you keep track of and analyze all bets. You just need to enter the necessary information about the bet and everything - and she will count and give the result on more than 50 different statistical indicators.


1. The table is calculated for 7000 rates + the ability to add a note to each bet (make a copy of the table it + 7000 more bets and so it can be infinite)
2. Works full-time with 2 types of bets: Ordinary and Extreme.
3. About 50 different statistical indicators
4. Ability to configure data auto-input
5. Accounting and statistics of all deposits are maintained
6. Accounting and statistics of all debits from the account are maintained
7. Accounting and statistics of all accrued bonuses are maintained
8. Complete statistics on 15 of any "BOOKMAKER OFFICES"
9. Complete statistics for 15 by any "HANDICAPPERS"


1. Fork calculator
2. The profit calculator
3. Calculator for calculating the interest rate.
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