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AGENCY SHOP + Google AdSense + Mainlink

Sample script: http: //

Get paid:
- The form of the agency charges, auto sales in foreign goods, from your site;
- You get money for clicks made by users on the contextual advertising Google AdSense;
- Sell on the pages of your website links, and get on the Sape and Mainlink steady income;

You say, I do not have a site. And to you it is not needed.
Proposed PHP script will create you a site with thousands of pages of commodities trading platform

All you have to do - is:
- Register in the system and get Digiseller agent number ID;
- Register in the system Google AdSense create ads;
- Sign up for Exchange links Sape
- Register in the stock options Mainlink
- To insert the data according to the instructions in the agency store.
- Upload the script on the hosting.
- Be registered in the search engines.
- That´s all you need to do to you, then do not start to get sour agency income.
- Agency accrual + Pay per click Google AdSense + selling links Sape and Mainlink.
- Well!
- Your earnings will depend on the number of visitors to your site.

- Requirements: Host PHP 5 or higher with support for CURL!
- Installation instructions inside the archive.

And let this extra income is always pleases you !!!

The author´s version.
Resale is strictly prohibited.
To offer its customers an excellent hosting for the installation script store, no extra dance with bubo (spaces are limited). Terms of correspondence.
04.10.2017 22:04:09
Все хорошо.
26.09.2017 21:36:26
18.01.2017 23:15:03
18.12.2015 17:30:51
Работает отлично!
07.12.2015 20:20:11
Товар качественный. Продавец всегда на связи и помог решить некоторые вопросы. Рекомендую!
03.09.2015 8:03:18
03.04.2015 10:13:39
Хороший прибыльный магазин
22.03.2015 18:42:48
Очень хорший товар.Наконец то я его нашел.Спасибо большое,прибольшое продавцу.Теперь будет свой бизнес магазин.Жду бонус.
04.03.2015 19:01:12
всё ок, хочу бонус)
28.02.2015 11:42:36
Всем рекомендую....отличный скрипт.....и бонус будет лучше))))

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