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CD-Key (identification key) to create an account and payment of playing time for 30 days for the game World of Warcraft <US version>

Dear customers!

By purchasing this product, you immediately get a key from the payment of World of Warcraft: Battle Chest US + 30 days of the game, which includes classic WoW edition and additions The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor!

You get the pin code of the game World of Warcraft (US version):

1. The primary key for 30 days.

2. The key to the guest 10 days (activated only international credit card).

Please note that registration for the game account you necessarily need an international credit card or payment card playing time for 60 days - World of Warcraft Time Card 60 Days (US version.) If you do not have a credit card and you prefer to pay for the game only with time cards for 60 days (World of Warcraft Time Card), you must register a new account directly from the primary key for 30 days.

Join the American version of the game at

System requirements:

You only get a digital copy of the key with instant delivery.

Must be installed on the computer game World of Warcraft (US version), an exception may be only the cases, if you play in internet clubs or internet cafe, where the game is already installed or you have an opportunity to take a drive with the game installed on a computer at their friends.

See you in the world of World of Warcraft!

Please leave your feedback about our work on a page with the product purchased. You can leave a response at the time of receipt of goods or after your purchase at Believe me, it´s very

it is important for buyers and our further work, and you take a little time.

For example, short words will suffice OK ;-) Just click the mouse in the window in front of your purchase with us and write a review. For our part, we will appreciate your positive feedback present size of $ 0.5, which we´ll credit your account in Webmoney or which give an additional discount when making purchases with us.
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31.08.2018 5:58:14
17.07.2018 21:46:57
Nice. Everything was fast. I get my key and play mounth. Thx. Recomend to all my friends. Хехе
25.11.2017 0:02:37
fast and reliable! I enjoyed to do business with you guys :)
09.11.2017 21:18:50
instant delivery, reliable seller A+++++
24.09.2017 20:44:23
Спасибо продавцу, ключ отлично подошел)
05.09.2017 19:56:01
Все отлично, буду обращаться ещё =)
19.08.2017 0:51:59
19.08.2017 0:51:45
19.08.2017 0:50:18
19.08.2017 0:30:54
беру постоянно

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