16.09.2018 22:37:16
Received Straight Away downloading and ready to rock and roll !
16.09.2018 19:02:07
very good seller
16.09.2018 15:12:11
Great seller, big vouch to him , Continue like that, you really rox ;)
16.09.2018 10:11:23
Всё прошло быстро и качественно. Всем рекомендую!
15.09.2018 16:18:43
Had a problem with game but with help of seller, problem is fixed.
15.09.2018 14:37:02
THX Refund
15.09.2018 10:56:45
Good. Easy to follow. Suggest for everyone want good game at low price. If you like this game, support developer by buy it. (Wait for sale is the best way)
15.09.2018 9:25:01
Код разблокировки не подошел , вводил все правильно !
15.09.2018 0:37:07
Great seller. The Game is legit, downloaded and playing in steam offline mode with no problems.
15.09.2018 0:06:25
very good service 1 account was not working then i messaged them and i got a new working account even with some other games on it dope!